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Library Services for the Disabled (MC): Online/Off Campus Services

This guide provides information about the services offered by the NWU Mafikeng Campus Library to students and staff with disabilities.

Mafikeng Campus Library Hours

Proxy Services for Disabled Users

Proxy services

Proxy services refer to services offered by the Library to users who cannot make use of a Library service or function due to a disability. The Librarian will then bring the services to the disabled user. These include the following:

  1. Renewal of books, using the following methods:
    • Using Facebook - By joining Facebook students are able to post their renewal request on the North-West University Mafikeng Campus Facebook page. The Librarian will then renew the books.
    • You can also renew your books via your Patron Record.
  2. Information searches
  3. Book requests
  4. News and events via our Facebook Page and Twitter pages


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Library Services for the Disabled

This guide provides information about the Library Services available for Disabled Students at the North-West University Mafikeng Campus. 

North-West University Commitment to All Students

Equipment in the Library

In April 2015 the NWU Mafikeng Library received equipment from the Disability Unit for use by students. The equipment is currently located near the Short Loan Section. This equipment is only to be used by students authorized by the Disability Unit. For more information contact the Disability Unit

What is a Disabled Student?

In law, University policies, and common parlance, terms like disabled and disability have a variety of meanings, many of which are contextual. The use of disabled and disability in this guide and in the name Disability Unit (DU) does not imply any determination related to civil rights or other legal definitions, and does not imply that students served by DU have disabilities as defined by any particular law. DU rather serves students who meet the following criteria: Those students who have documented physical, medical, learning and/or psychological conditions; & in cases where professionals have verified that the student needs individualised services to overcome severe disadvantages.