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Theology & Ancient Languages (PC): How to

Welcome to the Library guide for Theology. Here you will find a OneStop service to assist you in your studies or research at the Faculty of Theology, Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University.

Library information for honours students

Library information for undergraduates

YouTube videos - step by step instructions

General orientation [YouTube]
How to find a specific book [YouTube]
How to find a specific journal article [YouTube]
How to plan your information search [YouTube]
How to find articles on EbscoHost [YouTube]
How to search on Google Scholar [YouTube]
How to find articles on SAePublications [YouTube]
General guidelines for bibliographies [YouTube]

The how to of databases

A library database is an electronic catalogue or index which contains information about published items. Databases are searchable in different fields, e.g. the title or author.  Some contain the full-text of articles.  When you're searching a database, you are not searching on Google.  The Library pays a subscription, but you have free access.