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Undergraduate Student Support: Referencing

This library guide strives to provide e-support for undergraduate students at the NWU.

Why reference sources?

Be a Responsible Scholar: In-Text Referencing

Reference Style of the Faculty of Law (NWU Potchefstroom Campus)

When do I reference?

Good question! We reference:

  1. as we write - in the body of the essay (in-text referencing) and
  2. at the end of our essay or paper - in the source or reference list.

Tips for referencing

       Struggling to reference your sources? Always consider these points.

Keep the Following in Mind...

  • A source list is an alphabetical list according to the first author's surname.
  • Don't try to impress by including references to sources you did not consult.
  • bibliography: usually compiled in postgraduate theses or dissertations.
  • A bibliography (postgraduate) refers to all sources that contributed to your insight.
  • For undergraduate students a source list or reference list is sufficient.
  • All your text references should be supported by a source list at the end of the assignment.
  • The source list contains full bibliographic details of the sources you referred to in the text.
  • The reader of the assignment should be able to access the sources listed.
  • Leave one line open between references.

Referencing Guides