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Undergraduate Student Support: Seminar Rooms

This library guide strives to provide e-support for undergraduate students at the NWU.

Room Bookings

Rooms G3a - G3e in the Information commons are to be used for group discussions only. They cannot be locked. Preference will be given to the person who booked a room.

Terms and Conditions when Using the Seminar Rooms

  1. These rooms are to be used for group (4+ people) discussions by registered NWU: Potchefstroom Campus students and staff only. Access to the Library is obtained with your university card.
  2. Group bookings will be cancelled fifteen (15) minutes after the initial booking time if the group has not arrived.
  3. All rooms must be vacated fifteen (15) minutes prior to Library closing.
  4. Only one booking per group per day is allowed. You may book 3 hours per week for a group discussion (4+ people), either consecutively or with intervals.
  5. The room may not be used for non-academic purposes. It may not be used for meetings or gatherings.
  6. Rooms G3a - G3e in the Information commons cannot be locked. Preference will be given to the group who booked the room.
  7. The person who booked the room takes the responsibility for the condition of the room and the conduct of the group. 
  8. Only bottled water may be taken into the rooms. No food.
  9. The Library is not responsible for loss or damage of items left unattended in the room.
  10. If you do not adhere to our terms and conditions or book a room for someone else in your name, you will be blacklisted and your services suspended.
  11. When you click on Continue on the booking screen, you accept our terms and conditions.
  12. If you have problems booking a room, contact Help desk at +27 (0)18 285 2632.

Information Commons Seminar Rooms

Information Commons

Seminar Room G3a

Information Commons

Seminar Room G3b

Information Commons

Seminar Room G3c

Information Commons

Seminar Room G3d

Information Commons

Seminar Room G3e