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Undergraduate Student Support: Training

This library guide strives to provide e-support for undergraduate students at the NWU.

I can Google, what do I need training for?

Want to get better marks?   Our hands-on training sessions guide you step by step through the research process.

  Check it out and book a session. 

  Your input for future training is valuable.  Please comment on your experience.

Should you prefer one-on-one training, please contact the Information Commons staff.   

Courses to get you started...

  • Information Sources

Are you wasting time because you don't know where to start with your assignment?  Learn about the various printed and electronic information sources available (Books, eBooks, Reference works, Peer-reviewed journals, Newspapers etc.) and how to access them. 

  • Peer reviewed journal articles:  Google versus scientific information

Are you tired of untrustworthy information?  We'll show how to find peer-reviewed, academic and full text information. The Library provides access to thousands of scientific articles, accessible via user-friendly academic databases. 

  • Introduction to referencing techniques - NWU Harvard style!

 Learn how to reference your sources according to the prescribed methods of the University. Issues of copyright, plagiarism, and          reference management tools are incorporated. Develop your own voice and create your own work. This course teaches you how  to incorporate existing research into your own and how to refer to and acknowledge other people's ideas legally.  Be a  responsible scholar and cite in style.

  • Writing assignments the easy way

10 easy steps between you and a well-written assignment - start to finish.  Special emphasis on topic analysis, locating prescribed reading, searching for supplementary information, taking notes and writing without committing plagiarism and copyright infringements.

  • The 60 minute quick fix

Do you want better marks?  Attend one of our recommended "60 minute quick fix" training sessions.  Master the skills to locate, access and retrieve scholarly information from a variety of information sources (including e-books).  This session also touches on the critical evaluation and ethical use of information, tips on writing an A+ paper and how to compile a source list. 

Upcoming Training Events