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This guide will teach you how to use EndNote as your reference management tool.

What are Reference and Bibliography Management Tools?

Reference management tools help researchers and students to collect, maintain, share and publish literature references efficiently and in accordance with international standards. Nowadays a whole range of computerised tools for reference management is available. From 2016 EndNote will be used as reference management tool at the North-West University.

What is Endnote?

EndNote is used by millions of researchers, scholarly writers, students, and librarians to search online bibliographic databases, organise references and related files, and to create bibliographies instantly.  The software has to be installed on your computer properly in order to work correctly with word processing programs, and this varies depending on your operating system, word processor and platform. It has frequent upgrades that offer significant new features. It is important to use the manual, and you need to have the software on the computer you are using.

Getting EndNote

Any registered postgraduate student / staff member of the NWU may download EndNote.

NWU staff may also download EndNote from the Intranet at IT@NWU: Software Downloads.

NB: If you receive an HTTP error when downloading EndNote please send us your student number so that we can add you to eFundi and resolve the error.
Download NWU referencing style files

How to SAVE the style file to EndNote?
  1. EndNote Library toolbar click on File and select SAVE AS + OK
  2. Change the referencing style click on the output style box
  3. Click on Select another style
  4. On the dialog window  select NWU Harvard Style, PER or any referencing style of your choice and press Choose.