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Social Work: Reference works

Welcome to the Library guide for Social Work. Here you will find a OneStop service to assist you in your studies or research at the NWU.

Reference Books

Reference books or Encyclopaedias provide quick insight on a topic and helps to provide a broader view of the topic.  Their Dewey numbers correlate with their open shelf partners, but have an R preceding the Dewey number.  You will also find quite a number of Dictionaries on your subject field among the Reference Books.

Ask at the Information Desk for more information.

Some examples are:
R300.151 CRA    The Sage dictionary of statistics : a practical resource for students in the social sciences / Duncan Cramer and Dennis Howitt.
R300.15195 VOG    Dictionary of statistics & methodology : a nontechnical guide for the social sciences / W. Paul Vogt, R. Burke Johnson.
R300.2 LAW    Dictionary of sociology / Tony Lawson & Joan Garrod.
R300.285 NES    Survey research and the World Wide Web / Dale K. Nesbary.
R300.3 BLA    The Blackwell dictionary of modern social thought.
R300.3 DIC    Dictionary of the social sciences / edited by Craig Calhoun.
R300.3 INT    International encyclopedia of the social & behavioral sciences / editors in chief, Neil J. Smelser, Paul B. Baltes.
R300.3 SOC    The social science encyclopedia / edited by Adam Kuper and Jessica Kuper.
R300.72 ENC    Encyclopedia of social measurement / editor-in-chief, Kimberly Kempf-Leonard.
R300.72 ENC    Encyclopedia of survey research methods / editor, Paul J. Lavrakas.
R300.72 SAG    The Sage encyclopedia of social science research methods / Michael S. Lewis-Beck, Alan Bryman, Tim Futing Liao, editors.
R300.72 SAG    The Sage dictionary of social research methods / compiled and edited by Victor Jupp.
R300.72 SCH    Dictionary of qualitative inquiry / Thomas A. Schwandt.
R300.72 SCH    The SAGE dictionary of qualitative inquiry / Thomas A. Schwandt.
R301 TWE    21st century sociology : a reference handbook / edited by Clifton D. Bryant, Dennis L. Peck.
R301.03 BLA    The Blackwell encyclopedia of sociology / edited by George Ritzer.
R301.03 BRU    The Sage dictionary of sociology / Steve Bruce and Steven Yearley.
R301.03 CAM    The Cambridge dictionary of sociology / general editor, Bryan S. Turner.
R301.03 COM    Companion encyclopedia of anthropology / edited by Tim Ingold.
R301.03 DIC    A dictionary of sociology / edited by John Scott and Gordon Marshall.
R301.03 ENC    Encyclopedia of anthropology / H. James Birx, editor.
R301.03 JOH    The Blackwell dictionary of sociology : a user's guide to sociological language / Allan G. Johnson.
R301.092 MAK    Makers of modern culture / edited by Justin Wintle.
R302.03 ENC    Encyclopedia of social psychology / Roy F. Baumeister, Kathleen D. Vohs, editors.
R302.03 ENC    Encyclopedia of human relationships / Harry T. Reis, Susan Sprecher, [editors].
R302.03 ENC    Encyclopedia of identity / editor Ronald L. Jackson, II   consulting editor, Michael A. Hogg.
R302.2303 ENC    Encyclopedia of social movement media / edited by John D. H. Downing.
R302.2308 ENC    Encyclopedia of gender in media / Mary Kosut, editor.
R302.303 ENC    Encyclopedia of group processes & intergroup relations / John M. Levine, Michael A. Hogg, editors.
R303.603 ENC    Encyclopedia of violence, peace, & conflict / editor-in-chief, Lester Kurtz.
R304.203 DIC    The dictionary of human geography / edited by R.J. Johnston ... [et al.].
R304.203 ENC    Encyclopedia of world environmental history / Shepard Krech III, J.R. McNeill, Carolyn Merchant, editors.
R304.84003 ENC    The encyclopedia of migration and minorities in Europe : from the seventeenth century to the present / edited by Klaus J. Bade ... [et al.]   editorial assistance Corrie van Eijl ... [et al.].
R305.23103 CAM    The Cambridge encyclopedia of child development / edited by Brian Hopkins   associate editors, Ronald G. Barr, George F. Michel, Philippe Rochat.
R305.23103 ENC    Encyclopedia of applied developmental science / edited by Celia B. Fisher,  Richard M. Lerner.
R305.235 ENC    Encyclopedia of adolescence / editors-in-chief, B. Bradford Brown, Mitchell J. Prinstein.
R305.8003 CAS    Encyclopedia of race and ethnic studies / Ellis Cashmore.
R306.02 ENC    Encyclopedia of social and cultural anthropology / edited by Alan Barnard, Jonathan Spencer.
R306.03 CUL    Cultural theory : the key concepts / edited by Andrew Edgar and Peter Sedgwick.
R306.36403 CAM    The Cambridge encyclopedia of hunters and gatherers / edited by Richard B. Lee and Richard Daly.
R306.44 DIC    A dictionary of sociolinguistics / Joan Swann ... [et al.].
R306.44014 TRU    A glossary of sociolinguistics / Peter Trudgill.
R306.903 ENC    Encyclopedia of death and dying / edited by Glennys Howarth and Oliver Leaman.
R361.003 BAR    The social work dictionary / by Robert L. Barker.
R361.0603 FEL    Dictionary of counselling / Colin Feltham and Windy Dryden.
R362.103 CUL    The dictionary of health economics / Anthony J. Culyer.
R362.503 POV    Poverty : an international glossary / edited by Paul Spicker, Sonia Alvarez Leguizam´ón, & David Gordon.


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