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Psychology: Reference works

Welcome to the Library guide for Psychology. Here you will find a OneStop service to assist you in your studies or research at the NWU.

Reference Books

Reference books or Encyclopaedias provide quick insight on a topic and helps to provide a broader view of the topic.  Their Dewey numbers correlate with their open shelf partners, but have an R preceding the Dewey number.  You will also find quite a number of Dictionaries on your subject field among the Reference Books.

Ask at the Information Desk for more information.

Some examples are:
R150.1519503 ENC    Encyclopedia of statistics in behavioral science / editors-in-chief, Brian S. Everitt, David C. Howell.
R150.19 ENC    Encyclopedia of positive psychology / edited by Shane J. Lopez.
R150.19 ENC    The encyclopedia of positive psychology / edited by Shane J. Lopez.
R150.1952 FRE    The Freud encyclopedia : theory, therapy, and culture / Edward Erwin, editor.
R150.1954 JUN    The red book = Liber novus / C.G. Jung   edited by Sonu Shamdasani   preface by Ulrich Hoerni   translated by Mark Kyburz, John Peck, and Sonu Shamdasani.
R150.3 APA    APA dictionary of psychology / Gary R. VandenBos, editor in chief.
R150.3 CAM    The Cambridge dictionary of psychology / general editor, David Matsumoto.
R150.3 COL    A dictionary of psychology / Andrew M. Colman.
R150.3 COR    The Corsini encyclopedia of psychology / edited by Irving B. Weiner, W. Edward Craighead.
R150.3 ENC    Encyclopaedic dictionary of psychology / Graham Davey.
R150.3 MUL    Multilingual glossary of psychology terms / [translation by Words & CO. Language Services   project editor, Tashne Singh].
R150.3 REB    The Penguin dictionary of psychology / Arthur S. Reber and Emily S. Reber.
R150.3 RIC    Psychology : the key concepts / Graham Richards.
R153.03 ENC    Encyclopedia of consciousness / editor-in-chief, William P. Banks.
R153.03 MIT    The MIT encyclopedia of the cognitive sciences / edited by Robert A. Wilson and Frank C. Keil.
R153.35 ENC    Encyclopedia of creativity / editors-in-chief, Mark A. Runco, Steven R. Pritzker.
R153.4303 WAR    Thinking from A to Z / Nigel Warburton.
R153.703 ENC    Encyclopedia of perception / [edited by] E. Bruce Goldstein.
R155.26 HUS    Making a difference by being yourself : using your personality type at work and in relationships / Gregory E. Huszczo.
R155.82 ENC    Encyclopedia of multicultural psychology / edited by Yo Jackson.
R616.8003 LEX    Lexicon of psychiatry, neurology, and the neurosciences / editor, Frank J. Ayd, Jr.
R616.8303 ENC    Encyclopedia of movement disorders / editors-in-chief, Leo Verhagen Metman and Katie Kompoliti.
R616.89075 DIA    Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders : DSM-IV-TR.
R616.89075 DIA    Diagnostic criteria from DSM-IV-TR / American Psychiatric Association.
R616.891403 ENC    Encyclopedia of psychotherapy / editors-in-chief, Michel Hersen, William Sledge.
R616.9792 HUB    Encyclopedic dictionary of AIDS-related terminology / Jeffrey T. Huber, Mary L. Gillaspy.
R616.98003 ENC    Encyclopedia of stress / editor-in-chief, George Fink.


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