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APA Referencing Guide

Based on the NWU Referencing Guide.

The Bible and other religious writings

The Bible

When it is considered essential for the Bible to be included in the reference list (for example when various translations are compared) it is done as follows. Use the wording as it appears on the title page.

Text reference:
The words in Psalms 23:6 ”... goodness and mercy shall follow me” (Bible, 1989) are translated in the New international version (Bible, 1995) with: “... goodness and love will follow me.” 

Reference list:

Life application Bible. (1989). King James version. Tyndale.

Holy Bible. (1995). New international version. Bible Society of South Africa.

Bible commentaries

Evans, M. J. (2017). Judges and Ruth: An introduction and commentary. InterVarsity Press.

Text reference:
(Evans, 2017).

The Quran

Holy Quran. (ca. 1967) Text, translation and commentary by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. Sartaj.

Text reference:
(Quran, ca. 1967).