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NWU Law House Style Referencing Guide

Based on the NWU Faculty of Law House Style.

The bibliography

The basics of the bibliography

(a) The document must be provided with a bibliography with sub-headings.

(b) Do not place a full stop after a listed source.

(c) Sources are alphabetised under the following sub-headings in the order which they appear below:

(i) Literature – All books, chapters in books compiled by editors, conference contributions, theses, dissertations, journal articles and newspaper articles, arranged in alphabetical order.

(ii) Case law – All reported and unreported case law.

(iii) Legislation – All statutes referred to, including the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 and statutes of foreign countries.

(iv) International instruments – including international resolutions, conventions and treaties.

(v) Government publications – including sources officially published in the Government Gazette such as Government Notices, Proclamations
and General Notices. 

(vi) Internet sources – All materials exclusively accessible on the Internet, which do not fall under the list of references above, for example information obtained from websites and blogs. (Note: scholarly journal articles and e-books accessed via online databases should be included under the sub-heading "Literature".)